Horizon8 are pleased to announce the launch of valid8, one unified suite for Financial Crime Management, to transform Customer Onboarding – from weeks to minutes – and radically streamline AML Screening & Transaction Monitoring processes.

valid8Me is the secure, fast and convenient way to create a virtually instant, two-way connection between you and your customers (both retail and corporate). valid8Me empowers your customers to create their personalised digital identity vault to securely store and share their key documentation and data. Provide your good customers a more frictionless onboarding experience whilst reducing money laundering risks through the application of advanced biometric and document forensics checks as standard.

One vault – one key. valid8Me is a truly customer-centric solution you can offer your customers for FREE to meet all their onboarding needs, allowing you to:

  • Reduce your exposure to GDPR risks – dramatically shrink your onboarding times.
  • Lower customer drop-off – and significantly cut your overall costs – even as you increase your compliance activities.
  • Make fully informed decisions on new customers through our Identity Verification and Document Forensic checks provided on all customer documents as standard.

Fast, secure, convenient – valid8Me – transforming customer onboarding.

valid8AML is a real time first solution delivering a flexible, highly performant and cost-effective approach to meet your AML needs.

valid8AML provides Case Management, Screening and AML Rules Engine functionality to compliment or replace your current architecture, we even provide our own data offering unlimited screening.

Our intuitive self service user interface allows your organisation to configure and represent its true business architecture (e.g. workflows, enterprise business landscape, products and clients) enabling for AML rules to be built at any level of your enterprise, thereby reducing the number of false positives generated.

valid8AML delivers next generation performance, an open architecture and extendibility to conduct more comprehensive AML screening, which is available either as a SaaS or Cloud-on-Prem solution to suit your needs.

valid8 Anti-Fraud leverages its real-time data streaming platform to provide a high-capacity, low latency solution delivering:

  • Sophisticated, high-speed data streaming capability.
  • Analysis of millions of transactions in real-time
  • Machine learning models to dynamically adapt to changing behaviour

valid8Anti-Fraud is a self-service solution, allowing Anti-Fraud teams to own, configure and deploy sophisticated, complex and performant rules to meet your needs. Combined with our flexible hosting and ease of integration we can enable you to deploy an anti-fraud solution in weeks rather than years.

Offering over 30 flexible algorithms, existing use cases and rules sets from multiple industries including payments, banking, insurance, retail points and transport – contact us today to arrange a demo.