Systems Re-engineering

Our Client

DST Financial Services Ireland (DST) provides software outsourcing and consulting services to the life and pension industry. DST manages life and pension products and provides services to clients across Europe.

In 2009, DST’s headquarters group in Kansas City was a Horizon 8 client. The group recommended Horizon 8 to DST Ireland as a source of support in their VB6 to .NET project. Horizon 8 began working with DST Ireland in 2009. 

Their Challenge

DST Ireland’s VB6 software solution was no longer capable of meeting the needs of the business.  It was proving to be costly to maintain and difficult to change.  The company faced the possibility of continuing to use a solution that was no longer supported and that would, in time, prove difficult to use.

  • Changes to the system were taking a long time and had become costly to undertake.
  • The system was not scalable and was not capable of factoring in performance improvements at the company.
  • The company faced the possibility of the solution becoming obsolete which would have a negative impact on the business.

The Desired Outcome

DST Ireland needed a system that would be easy to set up and maintain.  It also needed a system that would be scalable with the demands of a growing business.

  • They needed to move from VB6 to a modern solution using .NET.
  • They needed the project to be delivered within a tight timescale.
  • DST Ireland needed a system that was more cost effective to run and to maintain.

The Solution & Key Benefits

Horizon8 drew from its global delivery teams to re-engineer a cost effective and modern solution for DST Ireland.  We worked collaboratively with DST Ireland to implement more effective programming and agile methodologies as an alternative to traditional practices.  The new .NET solution replaced a VB6 solution that carried over a million lines of code.

  • Working collaboratively, and utilizing our global resources, we were able to complete the project in under a year.
  • Leveraging Horizon8’s proven delivery methodologies, we were able to execute the project in a predictable and time effective manner.
  • DST Ireland now has an easier to use, faster and more cost-effective system to maintain.

Building on this succesful project with with DST Ireland, it was to prove the catalyst for what has become a close working partnership over many years.