Supply Chain Finance

Our Client

CZBank is one of the largest commercial banks in China and is ranked 100th in the world in terms of total assets among the ‘Top 1,000 World Banks 2017’ according to TheBanker magazine.

The Challenge

China’s SME sector is the engine of the economy with over 55 million businesses actively trading at present. However, companies in the sector are often hampered in their development by underfunding and cost prohibitive access to finance.

  • To survive, SME’s need payment immediately.
  • Buyers are eager to delay payment if possible.
  • Payment delays can be devastating for companies, and they often close because of this.
  • These issues hinder the growth of the economy and the ability of SME’s to grow.

Desired Outcome

CZBank decided to provide SME’s with an innovative solution to enable them to access finance and to grow their businesses.  In doing so, CZBank wanted to stimulate the market, drive innovation and to promote entrepreneurship.

  • Injecting working capital into the supply chain.
  • Enabling SME’s to access capital in multiple forms and to utilise it to grow their businesses.
  • A solution to bring CZBank, SME’s and buyers of SME services and products together to do business.

The Solution & Key Benefits

Our solution enabled CZBank to launch the first enterprise supply chain finance accounts receivable platform in the industry using blockchain technology

  • Transforms accounts receivable into a secure electronic payment and financing tool, enabling external payments and financing at any time.
  • A scalable solution that can handle over 10,000 transactions per second.
  • Improved access to capital for China’s SME sector.
  • Since going live, over 3000 transactions have been executed on the platform to the value of over $25 billion.