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About Us

Horizon8 is a global debt provider, structuring finance solutions for companies seeking options beyond traditional banking channels.

With the ability to fund non-traditional transactions and investment opportunities, our unique debt facilities allow clients to achieve higher gearing levels and realise their growth potential sooner.

Our client portfolio comprises both public and private clients across a range of industry

sectors including property development, infrastructure projects, renewable energy, aviation, mining/resources and agriculture.

Horizon8 is focused on helping clients structure commercial loans, asset finance, development finance and specialized business loans.

Our client relationships are based on trust, communication, transparency and performance.

Global Presence

Horizon8’s international network and market insights enable our dedicated team to underwrite debt for businesses and property transactions, or joint venture with businesses around the globe across a range of asset classes and industry sectors.

Horizon8 has offices in Hong Kong and Australia, with representatives based in China, US, Singapore and Europe.


At its core, Horizon8 believes in forging strong partnerships with our clients, cultivating trust and capitalising on opportunities as they arise.

We strive to maintain the highest levels of corporate governance with strict standards of professionalism applied across the group.

Our Approach

A tailored approach for every client

We understand that every asset has different financial requirements. That’s why we structure each loan facility to suit the individual needs of our clients – ultimately delivering flexibility and an increased return on equity.

Structures and Debt Facility

Horizon8 has a unique suite of flexible financing options for a range of asset classes and industry sectors. Our facilities are designed for clients seeking higher gearing levels by using a tailored combination of debt and equity solutions with a minimum loan size of US$25 Million

Assessment Process

Horizon8 has built a sustainable risk assessment model based on established processes embedded within the Group. All funding submissions go through an internal due diligence and credit process followed by a comprehensive external credit assessment from one of our top tier accounting and/or legal partners.


Horizon8 is highly selective when it comes to partnering with new clients, only choosing high calibre industry leaders who are experienced, established and profitable.
Each transaction receives strict due diligence from both Horizon8 and an external advisory firm to ensure that quality is maintained when selecting new clients and assessing new transactions. Our client relationships are based on trust, communication, transparency and performance.

Responsible Lending Policy

Horizon8 ensures that the businesses and assets we partner with respect and strive to benefit society and the environment. There is growing evidence that suggests that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, when integrated into investment analysis and decision-making, may offer investors potential long-term performance advantages.

Construction and Property Development

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Wind Farm Technology

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Aviation & Aerospace

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Public Transport Projects

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Agriculture and Farming

Instructure Projects

Research and Development

Solar and Renewable Energy Technologies

Industry Sectors

Horizon8 has extensive experience across a range of asset classes and sectors on a global scale. We are specialists in structuring commercial loans, asset finance, development finance and specialised business loans across the following sectors:

Real Estate Acquisition and Property Development

Horizon8 provides debt solutions for property owners, developers, investors and other clients looking to benefit from flexible terms and higher gearing levels. Our debt product can be drawn down as a ‘Line of Credit’ facility and operates on a progressive drawdown basis, specifically tailored to individual client requirements.

Infrastructure, Resources and Mining Projects

Horizon8 is experienced in infrastructure and resource funding across both the public and private sectors. We will assess projects such as toll roads, airports, rail facilities and mining projects.

Specialised Real Estate - Hotel and Educational Facilities

From funding the freehold or leasehold of an existing hotel or new development, to providing finance for a new university, Horizon8 will assess a range of specialist properties and work with clients to build a tailored funding solution.

Aircraft & Cargo Vessels

Horizon8 will fund businesses and assets such as transport equipment, mining equipment, cargo ships and aircraft.


We are committed to the long-term success of the agriculture industry. As a result, we have built a specialised division within Horizon8 to manage agricultural transactions globally, leveraging external expertise, as required, in the process.

Renewable Energy

Horizon8 is passionate about investing in our global future. We have advanced experience in funding and investment into renewable projects around the world, including solar power, wind farms, wave power solutions, hydroelectricity and natural gas.

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